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What are crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs)?

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are anti-choice (pro-life) organizations that exist to prevent pregnant people from seeking abortions.


One way they accomplish this is through medical misinformation, including giving information that has been scientifically disproven, convincing the pregnant person to put the decision off until it is too late for them to obtain an abortion and they no longer have a choice, lying to the pregnant person about how far along they are in their pregnancy or how late they can receive an abortion, and posing as medical centers when most often they are not medically licensed in any way. 


A study on CPCs found that 87% provided false or misleading medical information which led to a delay in medical care. Identifying CPCs can be incredibly difficult because they usually pose as abortion clinics and use words like "choice" in their names.


Click here to see the website developed to identify CPCs and help pregnant people obtain properly informed medical care.


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