Women's Emergency Network (WEN) operates on the principle that every woman must have the
right to decide if and when she becomes a mother.

What We Do:

WEN subsidizes abortion care for South Florida financially vulnerable women and girls who can’t afford a safe, legal procedure without financial assistance. 

How It all began

WEN was created in response to the Hyde amendment, passed by Congress in 1976, three years after the landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade, prohibiting the federal funding of abortion care. Florida, along with thirty-four other states, has made access even more difficult by excluding abortion care from Medicaid. Thus, WEN was founded on the conviction that reproductive freedom is an empty promise for those who lack the financial means necessary to access the full range of reproductive choices available to them. 

How WEN CONTRIBUTES TO THe reproductive justice movement

WEN underwrites the cost of medical or surgical abortion together with lab work, anesthesia and medications, birth control, and safe sex counseling and follow-up care.

 In the past 10 years, WEN:

  • Provided 8,609 women and girls subsidized abortion care that they could not otherwise afford.

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