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WEN clients have access to FREE long-acting contraceptives either at the time of their abortion, or within 10 weeks of their abortion. Find out more below.


Planned Parenthood Golden Glades

    585 NW 161 St, Stes. 200-300

    Miami, FL   33169

    Tel: (305) 830-4111

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Planned Parenthood Miami (Jean Shehan)

   1378 Coral Way, 4th floor

   Miami, FL   33145

   Tel:  (305)285 5535

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Women & Teens Healthcare

    16876 NE 19 Avenue

    North Miami Beach, FL 33162

    Tel: (305) 947-9091

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Planned Parenthood Pembroke Pines

    263 North University Drive

    Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

    Tel: (954) 989-5747

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Dr. Benjamin’s Office

    7777 North University Drive, Suite 102

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33321

    Tel: (954) 720-7777

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Presidential Women's Center

100 Northpoint Parkway

West Palm Beach, FL   33407

Tel:  (561) 686 3859

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Planned Parenthood Kendall

8900 SW 117 Ave., ste 207B

Miami, FL   33186

Tel: (786) 263 0001

    WEN provides subsidies for abortion care through 6 partner clinics in South Florida.  WEN financial assistance is distributed exclusively through these clinics.  If you are in need of assistance to cover the cost of an abortion, contact one of the clinics directly (list at right).  When you contact the clinic, let them know that you anticipate needing financial assistance.  Clinic staff will ask you a short series of questions to determine your eligibility and what assistance can be offered.  Typically, clients are expected to pay at least part of the cost of their care.

    The cost of an abortion increases as a pregnancy gets further along.  If you have already decided to have an abortion, it is important that you contact a clinic right away.  The cost of care also varies from clinic-to-clinic.   If you don’t feel that you can afford the cost of the procedure at one of the WEN partner clinics, let them know.  If no additional WEN assistance is available at that clinic, please contact another clinic.  Each clinic has a unique mix of clients, and assistance can sometimes vary.

    It is not necessary to speak with someone at WEN to receive assistance; however, if you have questions regarding WEN, please call 305-670-2266 or email .  If you indicate your willingness to receive a follow-up call from WEN after your abortion, someone will be contacting you by telephone after your procedure.

    Abortion care is healthcare. It is important that you provide clinic doctors and staff with the most complete and accurate information about the status of your health as possible.  They are bound by the same confidentiality requirements as other healthcare providers and want to do everything necessary to make sure you are healthy and well.  They can also provide you with information about reproductive health and contraceptives, or you can also find basic information about different contraceptive options by clicking here


    WEN clients having an abortion at Dr. Benjamin's office, Women & Teens Healthcare, or one of the Planned Parenthood clinics have access to a free Intrauterine Device (IUD) at the time of their abortion.  No need to wait for a follow-up visit. Please ask the staff at these clinics about this option.

    ​Women who are insured under the Medicaid insurance program can also visit any Medicaid provider and receive an IUD at no cost.  In some cases, an IUD can be inserted at the same time a termination is performed.  If this option is of interest to you, women insured under Medicaid should ask if the clinic they have selected is a Medicaid provider. 

    If you live in a country with no access to safe abortion services, please visit the Women on Web website at

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    judicial waiver

    Florida minors must notify a parent or guardian before obtaining an abortion.  Click hereto learn about the procedure for obtaining a waiver of the requirement.