Jasmine*, 37, and her partner both recently lost their jobs.  They have four children between them, and their whole family has had to move back in with Jasmine's parents.  Now living in a household of 9, the couple doesn't feel it's the right time to expand their family and need assistance to pay for an abortion.

Monique * is 22, unemployed, and has 3 children she is now raising on her own.  A domestic violence survivor, Monique recently had her former partner jailed, and she does not want to have another child with her abuser.  A recipient of food stamps, cash welfare and Medicaid, living in Section 8 housing, Monique could not afford the full cost of her procedure without assistance.

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One hundred dollars.  That's the size of the average grant to a woman who seeks support from WEN to cover the cost of an abortion.  It's a relatively small amount of money to allow a woman to access safe, legal, life-changing healthcare.  That's what WEN is able to do because of supporters like you.

​​​Women's Emergency Network, Inc.

P.O. Box 566392

Miami, FL  33256

Phone: 305-670-2266

Hotline:  305-446-4615 (A recorded message with funding and clinic information)

Email: info@wen-online.org

Click here for a list of WEN partner clinics along with how to access funding assistance through a partner clinic.


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Women’s Emergency Network (WEN) subsidizes abortion care for South Florida low-income women and girls who can’t afford a safe, legal procedure without financial assistance. WEN operates on the principle that every woman must have the right and ability to decide if and when she becomes a mother. 

Because of WEN support, clients report that they are able to finish school, leave an abusive partner, secure work, resolve a health problem, overcome trauma, and take care of a family that already depends on them.  These are actions that change the course of people's lives.  Learn more about WEN clients by clicking here.